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Thomas Ulrik

Industrial designer MDd

Thomas Ulrik is an experienced designer with an eye for detail and a holistic mind set.


Visualization and demonstration of design concepts, dissemination and understanding of complex issues and the ability to collaborate with other cross-competence specialists makes Thomas Ulrik a respected designer and collaborator.


Thomas Ulrik has more than 15 years of university teaching experience as well as structuring and instruction of visualization courses for private companies.


Thomas Ulrik is affiliated with the Technical University of Denmark as external lecturer at Design & Innovation.


Education: MA Advanced Product Design from Umeå Institute of Design, Umeå University, Sweden 1999. Art Center Collage of Design Europe, Switzerland 1996

Owner and founder 3XUID aps 2002.

Member of Design Denmark, MDd



Skindergade 24

DK-1159 Copenhagen