Through numerous successful products within the field, Produktdesignerne have become experts in Medico and Lab instruments.

Surgical instruments for LINA Medical and SafeAir; medico and healthcare for Coloplast and Widex plus analysis instruments for FOSS, Chemometec and Lattec are among the many products we have designed and helped develop.

Through all of these products we have refined our methods and gained expertise in creating user-friendly and long-lasting products for a demanding group of professionals.


We believe that involving designers should result in more than beautiful styling.


Combining our skills in creative thinking and quick conceptualization with the knowledge gained from the wide spectrum of projects we’ve been involved in, we help our clients infuse new ideas and innovative solutions to their products.


Using models and mock-ups throughout the entire project, from ideation to final product development is an effective and necessary tool to evaluate any solution, with regards to user friendliness, ergonomics, mechanics and product built-up.   


We use our in-house workshop as well as our network of external suppliers to build shape models, function models and actual prototypes.

Design for production

By long experience we are well aware that a beautiful design concept only survives to final product, if it’s manufacturable at a competitive price.


From the initial marker sketches to the development phase, we focus on improving ease of implementation and production feasibility. We communicate intensively with the manufacturing chain throughout the entire project, exchanging sketches, mock-ups and 3D CAD to improve solutions and minimize cost.




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