Et godt produktdesign er baseret på lige dele formgivning, innovation og kendskab til produktionsteknologi - ellers er det bare ”styling”

Kåre Tofte

Industrial designer MDd

Kåre Toftes strength is the integration of form, function and production method. Simplification of complex mechanical solutions, reduction of parts and processes, as well as a stylish and integrated design language has become a trademark for Kåre, and has earned him awards and recognition. For the benefit of his customers, it is reflected in lower production prices and simple solutions.


Kåre works strategically with design and has, for example, since 1999 been responsible for the design DNA and styling of all products for the Danish company FOSS.


Kåre is a qualified censor at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts's Design School and Kolding Design School.


Education: The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, 1997 Awards: Nationalbank anniversary agency, Danish Design Prize, Best Toy in France, etc. Owner and founder of TOFTE ID.

Member of Design Denmark, MDd


Skindergade 24

DK-1159 Copenhagen