Today every new product is “born” into an extremely competitive market. Thus, giving the product a strong visual appeal is utterly important to catch the consumer’s attention. But that doesn’t do it alone.


An added innovative idea, a clever detail or supreme ergonomics helps beating competition. Whether if we work with sports equipment, mobile phones or garden tools, Produktdesignerne always strives to add that extra spice, that makes the product stand out.

Actual innovation, however, only evolves from fully understanding the client, the product and the market, thus we strongly believe in the closest possible collaboration between client and designers.

Trend and market

User surveys are an effective tool to gather information about many factors. However to create a cutting-edge product for tomorrow, with a time-to-market of 1-2 years, you need a crystal ball or… designers.


We strongly believe that a large portion of the value we deliver for our clients is a notion of how the market works and what will be the “next big thing”.

Form studies

At Produktdesignerne we know that nothing beats hand sketching and marker renderings when exploring new design territory and nailing a design proposal.


However, shifting between hand-sketching, quick foam models and accurate CAD surfaces, helps to infuse  the creative process with new ideas and different angles.


Anyhow, to get it done right, creativity, like any other skill, is depending on hard work and experience.

Detailing and visualization

Attention to every last detail, including what’s hidden on the back and behind hatches, completes the notion of a quality product.


We keep on sketching on details like levers, user interfaces and instrument feet until we and our client are satisfied, using photorealistic visualization to evaluate the various proposals.


A nerdy attention to detail, finish and materials - from early concept all the way to the final product - have become a hallmark of Produktdesignerne.


Material and finish are central to purveying the right quality feel. Choice of colors is equally important to the sense of style and modernity. Produktdesignerne continuously keep in touch with the newest within materials, surface treatments, paint processes and such.




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